Getting your crush’s contacts is very exciting! It’s a perfect way to get to know each other better and spend more time together (even if not in real life). Though, when you start chatting with your crush, text your crush without being annoying you can’t stop worrying that you might text too much or text too little and make them think that you are not interested in them. Here are some great tips to follow.

Don’t text them all day, every day

When you are in love, it’s pretty obvious that you want to spend more time with your crush, even if it’s just chatting online. However, you should stop yourself from doing it from time to time to text a guy without being annoying. Even if your crush likes you back, it’s obvious that they have their own plans and obligations and they just can’t chat with you non-stop. Respect your and their time.

When you receive a message but have some plans to do, don’t respond right away. Let your love miss you a bit and prove them you have a life too.

So, what’s the best plan for chatting? If you feel the need to send a message just do it! A single or two messages in a time can be okay. But then wait for the response. If you haven’t heard back from them in a few days, it’s okay to send one follow-up question. Though, if after that you keep being ignored, you should probably move on.

text your crush

Choose topics wisely

So, now you know how often you should send messages to your crush. But there’s still a problem of how to start your conversation. Having common interests is essential if you want to catch their attention. If you meet them on a dating app, they would have a description with their hobbies and love interests, so you can find a lot of great topics for a conversation starter to text a guy to keep him interested.

Even if there is nothing at all, take a look at their photo and try to notice little details that will help you to start a chat.

However, don’t focus just on your common interests. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This way you will find out more about your crush and you’ll get more chances to get a reply from them.

Do whatever you find interesting for both of you! Send photos, make jokes, use emojis. Let your crush see your personality through the conversation.

Show your intentions

Make your intentions clear from the beginning. Chatting with someone you like is great but are you sure that it will lead somewhere? It doesn’t mean that you should be too upfront but from time to time make a hint showing that you are looking for something more than just friendship. If you already know each other quite well, try to move your relationship from an online chat to real life.

Start with something connected to your common interests: go volunteering together or visit a concert of your favorite band. Then move to something more romantic (so it would be clear that it’s not just a friend’s meeting but a real date).

Don’t forget to keep your online conversation going between these meetings! Discuss the event you’ve just visited, or suggest some new ideas for your next date.

Even when your relationship changed from online to offline, keep in mind the tips above to make your relationship even stronger!