falling in love with a married man

He is married! This phrase is like a bolt from the blue. All plans and dreams instantly evaporated. As you know, love is evil. We cannot always choose whom we fall in love with. Of course, married – discord. It happens that a man is married only formally or is in the process of divorce. But such cases are rather an exception to the rule. So what to do if you had a bright feeling for being with a married man?

Analyze your feelings. Think carefully about the circumstances under which you met when you first felt that you were in love. Why do you have feelings for this person that you like him so much? Answers to these questions will help you understand yourself.

love a married man

If not love, then what?

Thanks. Women often have feelings similar to falling in love in response to good deeds towards them. Therefore, so often there is love for the doctor, the rescuer, the person who helped in a difficult situation, supported.

Passion. Ask yourself: are you experiencing anything other than sexual attraction to this person? Do you know anything about him, about a person, about a person? It is possible, the passion will soon pass and with it the apparent love.

Boredom. Perhaps your own marriage is bursting at the seams or you haven’t had a relationship for a long time. Perhaps you just got bored and a relationship with an attractive man is the only adventure in your life at the moment.

Delight. This may be the most beautiful and attractive man in your society or the most intelligent and interesting conversationalist. A teacher, a boss … Often a man’s admiration can be taken for love.

How to behave if you managed to fall in love with a married man?

Imagine yourself in the place of his wife. Think about the fact that somewhere there is a woman, a legitimate spouse who has loved him for a long time. She gave him many years of her life, trying for him, arranging his life, stroking his shirts. She bore him children. Children are waiting for him at home from work, dreaming that dad would come soon. Usually it is enough just to present this picture and you no longer want to have a relationship with a married man.

Focus on his shortcomings. Everyone has flaws, one has only to dig. When falling in love with a married man, we do not see them, but if you look closely, you will see that your chosen one is not perfect.

Do not dwell on the thoughts of him, live your life. In addition to this person in life there are few other objects that are worthy of your attention. Meet friends, read, meet other men (this is a must!).

Do not seek meetings, do not impose. It is quite possible that the object of your passion for loving a married man does not feel the same feelings for you or is trying to get rid of them in the same way. Try to move away from each other as much as possible.

Love for a non-free man is, above all, an experience. Bitter, difficult, but very valuable. After going through such a relationship, you can better understand what kind of man you really want to see next to you. You will become wiser and stronger.