“I know I want to play music for the rest of my life.” – Real Stories

Real Story from Ovation Music Fund Scholarship  RecipientWhen applying for a scholarship we ask students to tell us their story. We also ask if we can share their story with you because they tell their own stories so much better than we can. Here is one of those stories in our series “Real Stories.”

“Guitar has been an amazing journey for me.

I started playing in late 2013 when I was fourteen. I would always come home from school excited to play my guitar. I started taking private guitar lessons at (music school). I learned all about music theory including all seven modes of the diatonic scale and how it relates to chord scales. I loved playing but I was never able to play with a band. I tried to find other people to play with but the only other person I could play with was my friend Cole who also played guitar.

This is why I am so ecstatic about attending (music school). When I attend everyone is in a great mood and playing with a band is an amazing expansion of just playing guitar solo. Now, I am in the Foo Fighters performance group. I am playing five of the nine songs our group is playing. Our mid-season show is coming up on March sixth and I have been practicing extensively. I have also auditioned for my school’s House Band. The House Band is a group of musicians who play local shows roughly every two weeks. I am super excited to see if I get selected. I feel like my audition went really well, but I don’t get to find out if I was selected until Thursday.

When I think about the future of me and my interest in music I know I want to play music for the rest of my life. I have thought of being a producer, guitar teacher, or a band member. I want to attend McNally Smith college of musicin Saint Paul after I am done with high school. I really hope I can achieve making my passion of playing music into a career I can be successful with. I really hope to acquire this scholarship and grow my passion for music. I love going every week to jam out with other musicians and friends to evolve my experience as a guitar player. I would be very blessed to get this scholarship.”


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