“I humble myself, on behalf of my daughter, and ask to please consider her for a scholarship.” – REAL STORIES

Real Story from Ovation Music Fund Scholarship RecipientIf you found yourself in financial trouble, could you be humble enough to ask for help on behalf of your son or daughter? Here is one mother’s quest to give her daughter the music education she so desires. (Shared with permission from the author.)

“We are a one income family. I am a single, hardworking mother. My daughter’s dad is not involved at this point and I receive no financial support from him. I have seen the positive influence (music school) has had for the teens in our community.

I sang to my daughter before she was born and have been singing with her for the past 16 years. Her voice is beautiful and she wants to learn how to use it. I saved for months to buy her an acoustic guitar and had a friend teach her the basics and she loved it. But schedules conflicted and the lessons could not continue so she has practiced the little bit she learned and by ear has tried to learn some new songs. She is such a gifted young lady, and I believe that there is a budding musician in there. I work hard, but am still not able to make the money to afford any extracurricular activities.

I humble myself, on behalf of my daughter, and ask whoever is reading this to please consider her for a scholarship.

She has had to overcome many hardships in her young life and music has been the thing that got her through. She had an illness that brought her to The Children’s Hospital when she was younger. It was a rare pain disorder called RND, Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy. She would experience attacks of unbearable pain that at times affected her ability to do something as simple as walking. We worked through it together. Once she was diagnosed, she underwent intense physical therapy and ended up putting it into remission. Music was her escape. It’s what got her through the grueling hours of PT and gave her hope and a goal to reach for.

She is now 16 years old and wants nothing more than to sing, write, and learn how to play her guitar more proficiently. We see the amazing concerts the students get to put on and she wants so badly to be a part of that and to make new friends who have similar interests. There are no words to express how thankful I would be to receive ANY scholarship amount. I don’t have my family around here and do not have many helping hands. I work to give her the best life possible and hopefully this letter will help me to do that for her. I thank you in advance for your consideration and appreciate the time you have taken to read our submissions.”


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