Special Funds & Donors

To receive information about creating a Special Fund, please contact Wendy Winks, Executive Director, at Wendy@OvationMusicFund.org

This fund was created in 2017 by donors Tomias Hinchcliff and Stephani-lila Murdoch of Genesis Bicycles. The scholarship will assist children who want to attend the School of Rock in Allentown and Easton, PA.

tdrTone DEF Recordings Scholarship Fund

A TDr (Tone DEF Recordings) Scholarship Fund has been created for School of Rock Cresskill. Founder Steven Roberts (@smokingsteven) has lived close to the school for years, and has seen the way that young kids lives are transformed. This fund will cover scholarships for low income children to attend School of Rock Cresskill’s one-week summer camps, which normally cost $595 per session, or their 4 month performance program which normally costs $325/mo.

Donors who contribute $100 or more will receive A SCHOOL OF ROCK T-SHIRT!

#TDr (Tone DEF Recordings) is a Smule Sing! app group dedicated to putting music and community first and foremost. They are an intimate Sing! group of friends from all over the world who simply love to sing; and who have assembled under one roof. No hassles, no rules to remember: just music. Their objective isn’t to hit the Hot Performance List but to sing for fun, passion and community and to be genuinely caring and supportive of each other.

The group is owned and led by @smokingsteven (Steven Roberts, NYC) with the staunch support of : VP @juliohelp (Julio, Detroit ) , Head Administrator @FabiDeSoto_TDr (Fabiola , Dominican Republic), TDr Supervisor @SinghappyTDr (Dana , UT, USA), TDr Supervisor, @Chris_Tdr (Chris, Florida, USA), Tech Support and Art Director: @balqie (Balqie, Jakarta, Indonesia), Chefinha, TDr Update Lady @MonicaSanz (Mônica, Brazil), Co-founder emeritus @HeyRJ (RJ Marmol, The Philippines) and Co-founder emeritus @HeyIan (Ian Gordian , Montreal, Canada)


ethanlevitt3In Honor Of Ethan Levitt’s Bar Mitzvah

A scholarship fund has been established for low income students in the community who wish to attend the School of Rock North Palm Beach, FL with Ethan.  Thank you for supporting his Mitzvah Project.


  • Michael & Toby Fine
  • Stacy & Michael Milstein
  • Brad & Robyn Bleefeld
  • Steve & Sherry Barrish
  • Irving & Joan Decter
  • Phil & Elaine Feinberg
  • Bill & Suzi Lovett
  • Paul Ruben
  • The Ponzoli Family
  • Charlie & Holly Weiss
  • Joyce Yeckes
  • Mark & Ashlyn Montgomery
  • Joseph-Gladys Attenasio
  • Dawn Friedkin
  • Susan Schachtel
  • Zina Bereck
  • Jennifer Seidman
  • David Frieberg
  • Nannieannies
  • Gavin Frank
  • Adena Frank
  • William and Lois Prokocimer
  • Joel and Adele Cohn
  • Ira and Rita Gurkin
  • Jonathan and Ashley Popiel
  • Hunter Hammons
  • Amy and Ben Cohen
  • Julie and Len Rubin
  • Lisa Talley
  • Brad Durkin
  • Deena Ruben
  • Irma Leissring
  • Robin Schafler
  • Elizabeth Libby Pitman
  • Toby Sack
  • Carla & Mark Fine
  • Kai and Susan Petersen
  • Catherine Beck
  • Philip A. Stillman
  • Sheryl & Jack Purcell

To donate specifically to Ethan’s Fund, click the link below:

Becca-Rees-Photo4Becca Rees Memorial Scholarship

Becca Rees was a wonderful vocal instructor and show director at the School of Rock Palo Alto. She was the epitome of a strong female rock star. She inspired the students, parents, and teachers at the school. Not only was she involved with teaching, but she was also very involved in bands outside of the school and gigged almost every weekend. She lived a rock and roll life style, and we want to keep her memory alive by offering students the same opportunities to rock out here at the school through this scholarship offer.


  • Julie Dyson
  • Steven Rees
  • Hansel Lynn
  • Andrea Lewak
  • Laurie Vahedi

logo-75-year2Kinecta Federal Credit Union Scholarship Fund

A special donation was made by Kinecta Federal Credit Union to assist children in the Los Angeles area. For more information about Kinecta, please visit https://www.kinecta.org or call 800.854.9846

jamesanthonyzito-wThe James Anthony Zito Memorial Scholarship Fund

A Scholarship Fund has been created to Honor the Memory of James Zito who left us at 58 years young. Jimmy loved music and rocked through life! He was a loving brother and Uncle and touched the hearts of whoever he met. Jimmy was a lifelong Chicago musician who started playing the saxophone at an early age and then the bass guitar. He always sang. Jim was the bass player and vocalist in a band named “Stagger” and later “Ruffian” in the 80’s which toured the US. Ruffian was signed by and recorded an album with Paul Anka. They opened up for The Ramones, Greg Khin and Bryan Adams, to name a few. Jim was also in an acapella group called the Rockets for Anheuser Busch, who performed across the US for conventions. Later he joined local rock bands and formed The Jimmy Zito Trio where he sang Sinatra and Dean Martin songs. He will be very missed by family and friends.

The scholarship will help low income children who would otherwise be unable to attend the School of Rock Oak Park, IL.


  • Mark Fritts
  • James Sarno
  • Onesti Entertainment

PatrickSullivan-wThe Patrick Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund has been created to honor the memory of Patrick Sullivan who passed away at the age of 42 after suffering a stroke. At 18, Patrick picked up his first guitar and his life was forever changed. He was a self-taught musician who loved rock and roll. As long as he had a guitar in his hand, there was a smile on his face. Through his love of music, he met many amazing, life-long friends who will carry on his memory through their music. Patrick would be honored to know that his memory will help a child be inspired by rock and roll.

To donate specifically to Patrick’s Fund, click the link below:


  • Lisa Lapp
  • Suzanna Falk
  • James Kunard
  • Ann Carpenter
  • Charlie Janis
  • Linda VanderVeen
  • Marcia Williamson
  • Helen Bogatschow
  • Mary Sullivan
  • Olvid LLC
  • Dale & Sally Davis
  • Susan Platt
  • Gale & Dorothy Kellam
  • Todd & Jodie Kellam
  • Todd & Teresa Blake
  • Lynda Sharpe
  • Agnes Quirk
  • Timothy & Sharon Schillaci
  • John & Donna Fisk
  • R.J. Santoro & Linda Dillon-Santoro
  • George & L. June Vanameyden
  • Jack & Deneen Osmun
  • Doug & Peg Bozarth
  • Anonymous
  • James & Eleanor Van Zandt
  • Charlene Hansen
  • Doug & Sandy Grabe

The Kevin Parker Memorial Scholarship Fund

KevinParkerSchool of Rock Montclair will offer a scholarship to qualifying students that will be named in honor of one of its most beloved faculty members, Kevin Parker. Parker, who passed away in February ’15 at the age of 47, was a native of Newark, NJ. He learned to play the bass guitar at 14, and he accumulated a diverse and impressive list of credits throughout his life, including tours and performances as a band member with Michael Bolton, Ray Charles, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Alvin Darling and Celebration, Rev. Stefanie Minatee and her Jubilation Choir, Vickie Winans, and many more. Parker’s talent, joy, and creative spirit were cherished by his students, family, and co-workers. School of Rock Montclair is proud to unveil its Kevin Parker Memorial Scholarship as a tribute to this wonderful and generous father, husband, and musician.


  • Willette Moore

To donate to the Kevin Parker Memorial Fund for children who want to attend School of Rock Montclair, click the DONATE button below:

The Genesis Bicycles Summer of Rock Scholarship Fund


This fund was created by donors Tomias Hinchcliff and Stephani-lila Murdoch of Genesis Bicycles. The scholarship will assist children who want to attend the School of Rock Easton, PA.


  • Tomias Hinchcliff
  • Stephani-lila Murdoch

The Brian Bartkowiak Scholarship Fund

BrianA scholarship fund has been created for the School of Rock in Chicago, to honor the memory of Brian Bartkowiak. Brian and his brother, Kevin, played in several bands in Chicago before forming the group Big Black Bird four years ago with friends Andrew Price and Brian Schnell. Big Black Bird has been a regular fixture in clubs around Chicago and recently released their second cd A New World Wonder. We hope this fund will help some kid, who like Brian, will grow up playing drums in basements, garages, warehouse spaces, and local bars. Brian loved to play and he loved to rock. A band is only as good as its drummer. We miss you Brian.

– John, Kevin and Dan Bartkowiak


  • Amber Snyder
  • Massimo Fiorini
  • John Walter
  • Erin Kuthe
  • John Bartkowiak
  • Beth Kirshenberg
  • Daniel Bartkowiak
  • Michelle Blackmer
  • Erika Hamlin
  • Susan Iskowich
  • Mary O’Keefe
  • Kent Elliott
  • Lasca Alekseevna
  • The Palley Family
  • Peggy McGahan
  • Kevin Bartkowiak
  • Steven Bartkowiak
  • Shelly Schwyn
  • Digna Ragasa
  • Tarina Hyde
  • Kerry Sharpee
  • Dan, Rory, Deb, Dan, David and Lisa Kaplan
  • Michelle Bartkowiak and Jim Hendricksen
  • Bob & Chris Leracy
  • Gerald McNulty
  • Elizabeth Reilins
  • The Casey Family
  • Nancy Bohanon
  • Donald and Diane Bartkowiak
  • Kimberley B Leva
  • Whitter School
  • Kimberlyn Benge
  • Shirley McGahan
  • Brynne Smith
  • Maya and Eli Bartkowiak
  • Luse Thermal Tech LLC
  • Tom, Timmy and Tommy Cook
  • Gene Marino Family
  • John Courtney Family
  • Joe Arcillas Family
  • Carol Price
  • Neil & Kathy Lazarski

The Corey Dwyer Scholarship Fund

coreydwyerA donation has been made in Memory of Corey Dwyer, of the premiere Grateful Dead tribute band in Florida, Crazy Fingers. A charismatic and natural presence onstage, Dwyer’s musicianship allowed for a layered and more deliberate sound than you would expect from a jam band or a tribute band, for that matter. Born in New Mexico, Dwyer had been a resident of South Florida since 1987. He lent his keyboards to Underground Railroad as well as the Grass Is Dead, another Grateful Dead-inspired outfit. Dwyer also ran Dream Factory Studios. A memorial scholarship fund has been established in his name, by donors Joseph and Sigun Coyle, of New Mexico.

The Ethan Gjurovich Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund has been created for the Paul Green Rock Academy, in memory of Ethan Gjurovich.


  • Bob Breitenstein
  • Mr. & Mrs George Matthews
  • Samantha Warner
  • Aimee Sember

School of Rock Easton

A $250 scholarship has been created in the name of Tomias Hinchcliff for the School of Rock Easton. The scholarship was made possible by Jennifer Yadush.

The Kaleb Mize Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kaleb Mize Memorial Scholarship FundA scholarship fund has been created for the School of Rock in Denver, to honor the memory of Kaleb Mize. Kaleb, 17, was a young man that lived and loved the Colorado Springs area.  He was a singer/songwriter in the band “Heir To The Throne.”  His nickname was “Bear” and after his death the group changed their name to “Sleepswithbears” to honor his memory.  He is greatly missed by his friends and family.  We hope that this memorial might allow a child that loves to “jam” the ability to reach for their dreams.


  • William D. Griffith and Wendy M Griffith
  • Tonia Johnsen

South Africa Youth Songwriter Program Funding Drive – November 9-22, 2013

A HUGE thanks to the following donors, who made this program possible:

  • Norm Kahn, CEO Utopia Entertainment
  • Chris Czaja and Elizabeth Weiner
  • Joshua and Lisa Greer

In Honor of Kyle Norris’s Bar Mitzvah

These donors have contributed to the School of Rock San Diego’s scholarship fund:

  • Allison Gardenswartz
  • Roberta Levitow
  • David Sigal
  • Nancy Richardson
  • David Perkins
  • Theodora F. Lewis Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
  • Sarah Moreno
  • Gary Kornfeld
  • Leann Donovan
  • Andy and Delia R. Gagliano
  • Mark H. Greenberg Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

The Will Wickerham Memorial Scholarship Fund

Will Wickerham Memorial Scholarship FundA memorial scholarship fund has been established in the name of Will Wickerham for students who wish to attend the Real School Of Music in Burlington or Andover, MA. Will’s father, Wendell, was a founder of Real School of Music, and Will was one of the first students, and a fixture at the school. Will grew to be a fine young man, but he tragically died recently in a motorcycle accident at the age of 19. If you wish to donate, please specify “Will Wickerham Memorial Fund” in the memo or comment section of the PayPal Donate form.


  • George and Ruth Ann De Redon
  • C. Hayes Miller and Catherine Konicki
  • Martha Sandberg
  • John and Karen Aharonian
  • Deborah Hodge-Pfeffer and Jillain Marie-Conville
  • Anne E. Lucas
  • Jonathan Ross and Mary Young
  • Lauren Souza
  • Stephen and Andrea Kaneb
  • Lori Sirignano
  • Carol Savage
  • Sandra J. Steele and Robert S. Haynes
  • Annette, Emma and Kate Voorhes
  • Wallace and Kathryn Kendall
  • Margaret Raemer
  • Brian and Elizabeth Elowe
  • Stanley Cygelman and Jane Jones
  • David and Lisa Craig
  • Darlene Heikkinen
  • Kathy Reichard-Ellavsky
  • Philip Arsenault and Margaret Mehm
  • Benjamin and Loni J. Paul
  • Jake Pelusi
  • Margaret L. Tashjian

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