Does your boyfriend lack freedom, and your relationship is rushing headlong to a break? These tips will help you giving him space to figure out what he wants and a little more personal space so that your relationship does not strain him and cause negative.

  1. Let go of the situation

Let everything happen by itself. Say “Stop” to anxiety, trying to control and disappointment. Just enjoy the moment. When we allow events to take their course, they are usually corrected on their own.

  1. Find something that will distract you.

Let it be a hobby, work or friends. Go outside, take a walk, breathe the air. This will show that you can live your life, and not look like a Velcro, do not go tail for your boyfriend and give your boyfriend space in a relationship. A guy needs space so that he can think and do what he likes. Believe me, very soon he will start to miss you and call you back.

  1. Do not show that you need it.

You are a strong, confident woman by yourself. You can feel happy without his presence. Guys find these character traits extremely attractive.

  1. Respect his choice and his freedom.

The more respect and freedom you giving a man space, the more he will be drawn to you, because he will understand that no one else will treat him the same way. Guys do not like the requirements and run away when trying to put pressure on them. Let give a guy space without losing him any requirements and conditions, his love will be limitless. Remember: you need to love without any conditions and established rules.

  1. Be his best friend.

Listen carefully when he speaks, do not comment until he has finished the story. And let your comments be positive and friendly. Do not criticize and do not judge! Be a friend to him, let him feel comfortable and relaxed near you. Soon he will begin to share with you all the thoughts and feelings. Why? Because he is safe and easy with you.

give a guy space

  1. Get rid of bad habits

If you have habits that he does not like, try to change them. And show him that you have changed. He may not believe immediately, arrange a check, so give him time to believe. Trust does not come quickly, be patient and consistent. Always remember: a person can change, so that you are capable of much.

  1. Do not need, do not ask, do not cling
  2. Do not require too much

And do not sacrifice your life and time yourself. No one will appreciate

  1. No need to manage and control

You build relationships because YOU want to achieve something, change for the better. Despite the end result, whether you will be together or not, all changes will make you more independent and confident.

  1. Be yourself

Just relax and be yourself. Be the girl he loved, happy and carefree. Love yourself!