Game of Throne Season 7 Release date and Spoilers

Game Of Thrones Season 7 is over and people are anxiously waiting for Season 7. The wiki page of Game of Thrones mentioned that Season 7 will begin producing from next month, but happens, it turned out to be false. The production will now begin in the next year which is not at all welcomed by people. People were waiting for this season and now it seems far away.

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People came to know some parts of Season 7 by reading the last season. The movies are matching with the books totally and people believe that Season 7 will also be the same. Some spoilers have been out in the market and some of them have been confirmed as true which are listed as under:
game of thrones season 7 The dragons in the series will be bigger than ever and this is going to be quite excited. This was said in an interview by Joe Bauer that the creatures will keep on increasing in each episode and same is the case with the dragons.

There is a big scene in the next season that has not been revealed yet. People are eager to know about this scene. Many have planned something on their heads about the scene might be. The scene has not been shown in the earlier episodes as the directors felt that it could not have been shown as it s too big but now the wait is over.

Many feel disheartened of the death of Jon Snow in the last episode and people felt that he might be back in the new one. But, as revealed by Kit Harrington, his character is really dead in the episode and he will not come back.

But, there is a twist that is to be revealed in the next episode. Sources say that the character of Kit Harrington may be dead but Jon Snow is not yet over in the game of Thrones and he will be back in the next episode with some surprise and twist. He will be shown in Season 7 as a warg and he will have the ability to change himself into direwolf, Ghost. There have been many theories trying to justify the death of Jon Snow and so his fans could not see him going away from the episodes.

The New season is going to be power packed as new kingdoms will reveal themselves in the next season. The game of Thrones has been shot in new locations and this time the location has been Spain, in a place called Storm’s End. The word is not announced to be true till now but sources have it that the new locations will be in Spain and fans are all ready to be engulfed by the new surroundings.

Get ready for the Episode 7 of Game of Thrones in the year 2017. It is not far away when the first episode will be out. It is just a matter of few days.

Game of Thrones is a TV Series which is spending a huge amount on it production with no breaking points. It has surpassed numerous flashy films with regards to cinematography and staggering embellishments. GoT utilizes most recent innovation to show its dazzling visuals like monster manors, royal residences, statues, mountains, fields and streams.

Whenever dream, tension and visuals meet the great dialogs, the mix gets to be one of a kind. The dialogs are totally not quite the same as whatever other period, dream or history shows. GoT enlists an extremely gifted group of journalists who remove their inventiveness in plots, as well as convey “goodness” dialogs. It is a delicate treat for writing partners.