“Future Disruptors” Benefit Showcases Young Hollywood Talent!

Disney & Nickelodeon Stars Come Together To Support Inaugural Youth Music & Arts Education Event

HOLLYWOOD, CA – June 29, 2017 – An array of young stars from hit Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows, along with select young musical and dance artists, performed a concert on Sunday, June 25th from 1:30 – 4 PM at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA. The original showcase of rising talent, produced by Savoir Agency, is the start of a movement designed to inspire parents, help children find their creative voice, and combat the under-funding of the Arts in schools.

“We are thrilled that the response to first our event “Future Disruptors,” was so positive,” said event producers Marta Stattmiller and Tamalin Srisook. “Overall, the day drew in great array of rising stars that showcased some incredible performances.”

“Partnering with Savoir was an extraordinary experience,” said Co-Founder and Executive Director, Wendy Winks. “Our inaugural event further illustrates the interest by our youth of the arts in all forms. We will continue to support these efforts by having a second event later this year.”

The day was filled with live music and performances by the best and brightest shining stars in Hollywood. Some of the highlights included Heffron Drive, starring Kendall Schmidt (Big Time Rush) and Dustin Belt, with Demian Arriaga on percussion.  Other performers who appeared during the afternoon were:

Asher Angel of Disney Channel’s Andi Mack
Sean Ryan Fox of Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger
Ricardo Hurtado of Nickelodeon’s School of Rock
Megan Lee of Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop
Lance Lim of Nickelodeon’s School of Rock
Ruby Rose Turner of Netflix’s Fuller House
Breanna Yde of Nickelodeon’s School of Rock

Additionally, there were student performances from the Get Down District hip-hop dance troupe, and a student band from Burbank Music Academy. Center Staging served as the official sponsor of the top-of-the-line backline and sound equipment for the musical performances.

The musical performances were directed by Demian Arriaga, who has worked with The Jonas Brothers, Victoria Justice, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and more. The event was hosted by  Harmonie Krieger – a seasoned TV Host, Lifestyle Expert, Brand Spokesperson, and founder of Pop Your Shop. Harmonie hosted CMT’s Trick My Trucker and multiple programming for ESPN and Fashion Week.

The celebrity guests who appeared on the red carpet to support the event were brothers Jacob Garnatz and Alan Garnatz models/actors (H&M, Target) featured on international recording artist Zmny’s video “Alhaji” Jacob; Lulu Lambros (“Stuck in the Middle”/Disney Channel); and Gavin Magnus (“Reckless Juliets”).

The media outlets that attended the event were Getty Images, Momblogger Emily Wagner of Groomedla.com, ChannelAlexis2k6, an online outlet and YouTube Channel and Hot Moms Club. Our internal crew featured interviews conducted by actress, host, and founder of blog SamSoMuch, Samantha Gutstadt. Sam currently works with Nylon Magazine creating content, as well as appears on Almost Perfect Life Hacks on Awestruck Network.

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Future Disruptors Review on Groomed LA!

When I’m not blogging here [on Groomed LA], I am an arts educator in South Central. I teach Performing Arts in a charter school and during the summer I teach art to kids. It’s the greatest work I do. I was a child performer from the age of 6 on and when I tell you that nothing is more important than giving kids the space to find themselves creatively – I mean it – from first hand experience as both an artist and teacher.
Read the full story, with more photos!

Future Distruptors on Instagram!

@futuredisruptors and @ovationmusicfund put together an incredible event last weekend to raise $ and awareness for the grossly underfunded arts in inner city schools (where I happen to be a full time performing arts educator in south central). It was an inspiring day of acts from Disney and Nickelodeon shows (@andimackdisneychannel @school_of_rock.nickelodeon etc). And boy did it work to inspire!my 11 year old has never ever done this. Aria is totally shy and usually says nothing when she any attention Is on her. She was so moved by @asherdovangel and @breannayde that she set up my camera and sang for 3 hours non stop. Take after take. (Same song OMG). We got to sleep at midnight but holy wow did something awaken. Thank you #futuredisrupters #savoiragency and everyone for doing what you set out to do. You set one kid on fire 🔥 and we can't wait to see you next year. I say let's do a talent search!!!

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Nokia vanished from the wireless market for a significant drawn out stretch of time. Presently, the Finnish organization is by all accounts back on track. HMD Global, the organization that now creates and advertises cell phones under the Nokia mark as of now discharged three new cell phones this year. A couple of more are coming our direction, including the organization’s lead gadget, the Nokia 8. Gossipy tidbits with respect to the handset have surfaced not long ago, yet now they are upheld by spilled recordings and pictures. it appears that the Nokia 8 will dispatch soon, and it will be a decent cell phone.

The as of late released video, shared by @evleaks, indicate four handsets. As we as of now said, Nokia just discharged three this year. This implies no less than one of the cell phones in the pictures is the up and coming Nokia 8. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you investigate, you will find that in certainty two of the portrayed handsets don’t coordinate any of the present ones. In this way, we got a look at two new Nokia cell phones in this spilled video. One of them is unquestionably the Nokia 8, while the other could be the Nokia 7 or the Nokia 9. The 7 is a more secure figure, as I would see it.

The Nokia 8 will apparently have a metal unibody and truly thin side bezels. On the spilled pictures we can see that the top and base bezels are still there, however they aren’t that thick either. On the back, there is a double focal point camera, which really looks very smooth. We can anticipate that the Nokia 8 will accompany a substantial, 5.7-inch QHD show, and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to shield it from scratches. The pictures additionally affirm that Nokia didn’t dump the 3.5mm sound jack.

With respect to the processor, some proposed that it will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset in the engine. Late reports, in any case, express that both the Nokia 7 and the Nokia 8 will don the most recent Snapdragon 660 chipset. It may not be Qualcomm’s leader portable stage, but rather it is the following best thing at this moment. The Snapdragon 660 sets up with an Adreno 512 GPU. The handset will undoubtedly incorporate 6GB of RAM and will most likely be accessible in two stockpiling variations. 64GB and 128GB of inside capacity will apparently be accessible. Likewise, the Nokia 8’s second SIM space additionally fills in as a microSD card opening, so clients will have the capacity to additionally extend their capacity by up to 256GB. None of this data originated from authority sources, so we wouldn’t prohibit the Snapdragon 835 right now.

Different elements of the Nokia 8 leader cell phone incorporate a unique mark sensor, a 12MP front-confronting camera, and a USB Type-C reversible connector. With respect to the essential camera, gossip at first had it, it will be a 24MP one. Since we know it will really have a double back camera setup, this data may turn out to be mistaken. Rather, we may see a 24MP double focal point camera. There is no data in regards to the battery of the handset, aside from the way that it will be a non-removable one. Considering the size and the handling power, we think it ought to have no less than a 3,200mAh battery, potentially even a bigger one.

Kinecta Credit Union features Ovation Scholarship Student in Member Newsletter!

Kinecta Scholarship Recipient Records with the Black Eyed Peas!

Osric (Osi) Holt, a 14-year-old scholarship student at the Paramount Academy of Music in West Los Angeles, lived what most would agree was a dream, recently. Thanks to his place at Paramount, made possible by a donation from Kinecta to Ovation Music Fund, Osi found himself recording with the Black Eyed Peas.

Founding members Will.i.am and Printz Board wanted to update their 2003 hit Where is the Love with new lyrics to provide a message of hope and understanding during these sometimes divisive times. Along with guest artists Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys, and Mary J. Blige, Will.i.am and Printz Board wanted to add a children’s choir to the end of the song.

That is where our scholarship recipient Osi comes in. “It was so cool,” he said of his experience. “First we went to the studio and did the recording, and then they brought us into another room and we shot the video.”

Osi’s mom, Bootsie Holt, added, “There were 30 kids in total. All ages and ethnicities. The kids had a great time and will be featured at the end of the song.” Kinecta is proud to support Ovation Music Fund and the over 130 schools it helps support. We are also proud of Osi for pursuing his dreams, working hard and possessing a level of maturity uncommon in a 14-year-old. His final thoughts reflect that perfectly, “It was great to get a chance to help out. It’s time for a message of Hope.”

Ovation Music Fund and kids like Osi give us that hope. To find out more about Ovation Music Fund, visit www.ovationmusicfund.org.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors and Complete Specifications

When we talk about iPhone, hopes and expectations indulge into a never ending imagination. If it’s about the iPhone 8 which is thinking to be released after iPhone 7, all the boundaries of thoughts break down. Thus our technical expectations from iPhone which is World’s top technological incubator- Apple Inc’s front line product increase. We have done collecting the reports a lot of iPhone and Apple’s recent patents. Combining some factors we can imagine what Apple is trying to put in its upcoming iPhone- iPhone 8. If you are taking this info as iPhone 8 rumors, you are absolutely misguided. We better can tag it Probable Features of iPhone 8.

Some Features of iPhone 8:

An important update that we would want to see in iPhone 8 plus is a far more advanced FindMyPhone app. At now this app only gives the users to trace the location of the phone in case it is stolen. However, in the future days we expect Apple developers to build program this app in such a way so that in case this high expensive phone is stolen, it will not be of any use to the thieves. So users can rest assured that the important data stored in the phone cannot be exploited under any situation.

Apple’s huge rival Samsung is already trying to launch its future generation phones with the flexible display. So Apple can’t be left behind from the competition. So we are definitely expecting iPhone 8 to come with a flexible display so that users can easily carry with out any risk it in their hand as well as pocket.

finally, as the screen size of iPhone 8 is expected to increase with the release of its next generation phones, we are also expecting it come with higher screen resolution.some of the Samsung series already launched high screen resolution and work out this feature so apple is definitely think and try to design with this factor.