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About Me

My name is Janice, I am the founder and author (oh… and webmaster!) of this site.

I am Dutch, but I lived in the UK for 33 years – hence I write in British English (just in case you wonder about my dodgy spelling, if you’re from the USA for example).

You have landed here because life is tough for you right now – hang on in there – I believe in you! I know that you were born not just to survive but to thrive, and I want you to hold on to that belief too – every single day. And I’m hoping to help you feel better soon by my writing.


I’m aiming to increase your knowledge, awareness and understanding of the psychology of human relationships so that you’ll feel stronger in the face of your difficulties (we all have those!).

I hope to empower you to be bold, and courageously make the necessary changes to enable you to overcome your problems. Ultimately, this will help you to regain your peace of mind and happiness.

I aim to create the most helpful articles I can – based on my 24 years of experience as a professional (relationship) counsellor/therapist.

I sincerely hope that the information in my articles will contribute to your happiness and contentment in your intimate couple relationship(s).